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Interview with Professor Luis Amaral discussing complex systems, McCormick students, and collaborating across disciplines.

Faculty Collaboration

The department is built around 15 to 17 core faculty members. Additional faculty members have major appointments in other departments, including materials science, biomedical, and civil and environmental engineering. This collaboration reflects Northwestern's leadership in the increasingly interdisciplinary fields of engineering research. Such cross-fertilization of disciplines extends from the faculty to the research groups, many of which include graduate students from other departments. This approach assists in providing breadth as well as depth to students' graduate experience and helps to prepare them for the interactive research and problem solving in industry, government laboratories, and universities.

Interview with Professor Lonnie Shea discussing interdisciplinary research, the engineering mindset, and the impact of engineering.

Faculty Awards and Recognition

Most of the chemical and biological engineering faculty have been recognized nationally and/or internationally for their research, including memberships in the National Academy of Engineering. Over half of the active faculty have received NSF Young Investigator or CAREER Awards. A number serve as editors or members of the editorial board of premier research journals, and several are authors of textbooks or monographs currently used in many of the world's leading chemical engineering departments. The department strives to maintain a balanced commitment to teaching and research; many faculty members have been honored by the school, the University, or national organizations for outstanding teaching.